About Zagreb Croatia – Capital city

Shortest possible about Zagreb Croatia. At 122 meters of altitude and on the surface of 641 square kilometers, the capital of the Republic of Croatia – Zagreb is located. In 2016, the city had more than 800,000 inhabitants, and with its vicinity the number increased to over one million.


About Zagreb Croatia. Geographical position of city.

The town is located on the southern slopes of Mount Medvednica and on both sides of the Sava River.

The climate is continental, hot summers and cold winter.

165,000 trees were planted in Zagreb, with 266 different tree species.

All major roads go through Zagreb. The most important is certainly the Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik road, built to Ploče, which connected the capital city with Dalmatia and which had a huge impact on the development of tourism.
Then there is the Zagreb-Belgrade road that goes further to Greece and Turkey.
Highway Zagreb – Rijeka is the third in importance and connects the capital with the largest port in Croatia.


Zagreb is mentioned for the first time in written documents in year 1094 concerning the establishment of a diocese.

1355. The first pharmacy in Zagreb.
1607. The Jesuits established the first six-grade gymnasium
1664. The first printing company in Zagreb.
1862 Opening of the first railway line.
1891. A tram running by horses.
1896. The first film was shown in Zagreb.
1901. The first car on the city streets.
1905. First electric tram.
1926. Radio station was announced, the first in this part of Europe.
1956. Broadcasting of the Zagreb Television program begins.

Zagreb attractions

Museum of Broken Relationships

Extremely popular with tourists due to exposing things that remained after broken relationships. Open 7 days a week.

Mirogoj Cemetery. One of the most beautiful European cemeteries.

Mirogoj Cemetery

One of the most beautiful European cemeteries.

St. Marks Church

Romanesque building, one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb.

Zagreb Cathedral. The largest sacral building in Croatia founded in the 11th century.

Zagreb Cathedral

The largest sacral building in Croatia founded in the 11th century.

Zagreb Zoo

Almost in the center of the city, established in 1925

Botanical Garden

Opened in 1889, exotic plants from all over the world

Hotels in Zagreb

Currently there are 66 hotels with 2 to 5 stars in Zagreb (25 hotels with 4-5 stars). Here are the best :

Esplanade 5 stars.
Le Premier 5 stars

Westin 5 stars
Sheraton 5 stars

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