Best places for family vacation – My country Croatia

Probably one of the best places for family vacation is my country Croatia. I’ll try to explain why. If you do not live in Europe, then you maybe don’t even know where is Croatia, and you’ve never even heard of my country. Let me tell you who we are and what we are, how to reach us, by which we are known and a lot more. If you live in Europe then you certainly heard of Croatia, but information is never too much.

Vela Stiniva Bay is not a top location, it is a small place on the shore of the sunniest island of Hvar. If you are looking for peace, beautiful blue and clear water, if you are tired of the crowds, traffic and noise, then this is the right place for you. Here you can swim, dive, surf, jog, bicycle, climb, walk, enjoy a safe environment. And because of that it is one of the best places for family vacation.

Who and what we are

Croats in the world there are about 8.5 million of whom live in Croatia 4.3 million, 500,000 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as many as 400,000 in the USA. Many Croats live in Chile, Argentina and Germany. We are mostly Catholics, we write in Latin and drive to the right of the road. In elementary school we go eight years and it is mandatory. Most of them continue with high school, and a lot of people go to college. The official currency is the Croatian kuna: one US dollar is worth 6.5 kunas . The official language is Croatian language, but many people speak English, which is taught from primary school.

We live in the present territory from the 7th century. In 1991 we got our independent state after the liberation war that we led against Serbia. In this war 16,000 Croats died. Previously, we lived in Yugoslavia, which has completely broken up to this day.

Today Croatia is a republic governed under a parliamentary system and a developed country. Standard of living is not on highest level but isn’t bad. We are member of:

  • the European Union (EU),
  • the United Nations (UN),
  • the Council of Europe,
  • NATO, and
  • the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Location of Croatia

Croatia is located in southeastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Borders with Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and across the sea to Italy. If you are looking for us on the world’s map, first of all find Italy: we are right across Adriatic.

It is easiest to reach Croatia by plane, although a lot of tourists come with their own cars. In Croatia there are 7 airports with status of an international airport : Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Zadar and Zagreb. If you want there you can rent a car and go to your destination.

Climate in Croatia

Although Croatia is a small country, you can find more different climate, but on the coast and on the islands is a Mediterranean climate with warm and sunny summers and mild winters. The sea temperature in the summer months is 22-28 ° C.

The air temperature on the coast is 26-30 ° C in the summer months, and 2600 sunny hours per year classify the Croatian coast into one of the sunniest coasts. Months April and May have pleasant temperatures that are ideal for excursions and tours of cultural and historical sights, and can be joined by the end of September and the beginning of October, which, with its comfortable temperatures, guarantees pleasant sightseeing and excursions. Families with babies and the elderly are recommended for both June and September, since July and August can have over 40 hot days, which are times when temperatures exceed 35 ° C.

Famous Croats

There are lots of famous Croats, especially athletes, but also artists and scientists. I will remind the basketball players Drazen Petrovic and Toni Kukoć who had the best days in the NBA league, skiers, brother and sister Kostelić with a handful of Olympic medals, tennis players Goran Ivanišević and Marin Čilić, athlete Sandra Perković. In year 2018 Croatia won the Davis Cup, and footballers are the second in the world. A lot of people know about football players Luka Modrić and Davor Šuker, rowers brothers Sinković etc. We are really a sports nation that won Olympic medals in water polo, handball, basketball …

Luka Modric
Luka Modric

For scientists there is a first of all Nikola Tesla, a physicist, one of the greatest inventors in the field of electrical engineering, Ruđer Bošković, philosopher and mathematician, Lavoslav Ružička, chemist, Nobel prize winner for chemistry etc.

From artists would mention Ivana Mestrovic, sculptor, Dusan Vukotic, film director who won an Oscar in 1961, writer Marko Marulić etc.

Certainly I forgot to mention many, but it is unquestionable that the athletes’ achievements made Croatia known in the world.

On the end

Croatia is a small country in southeastern Europe, rich in cultural heritage, great athletes and long history. Quiet place for your vacation that you can spend swimming, swimming, running and cycling, surfing, climbing, sailing, party, sightseeing, good food, delicious drinks.

You will be safe and very welcome.

Prices will be different depending on whether you choose Dubrovnik or Vela Stiniva. Seems like there is something interesting for everyone. In our bay, there are no noise, partying, hooligans, but has everything else.

And because of that Croatia is one of the best places for family vacation.

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