Earn money online – Really possible

I want to earn money online and in this article I’ll try to help you if you have same intention.

My name is Darko Loncar, 68 years old, retired. I am administrator of this website https://velastiniva.com.
I graduated in economics and nearly all my life I was some kind of manager. Now I am logistic support to my wife.

My wife Ana-Marija is the owner of the house I am writing about and we live in Zagreb, Croatia. We have two kids, daughter Tina and son Luka.

We are trying to create some extra income with that house at sea because with one retirement it is not easy to live especially because the son is still studying. My wife is a graduate vet but she stopped working when our daughter was born. She is still sorry for that.

Currently we already realize some income from tourism but we are not satisfied with the length of the season. Our goal is to extend the season at least 75 days. We are doing some business over AIRBNB and you can see what our guests think about us. All the best.

In the same time, I have constantly tried to get some profits through the internet. I must immediately say that I have not earned anything, in fact I even lost. The Internet is full of advertising like you do not have to know anything, you do not have to pay anything, you do not have a website, you do not have a product, you do not have to do anything and you’ll earn $ 12,000 per month. You just click once and everything else is done by the computer.

These are all stories for little kids. Something like that does not exist. You have to invest time and money if you want to succeed and start making money on the net. If you want easy money, play Lotto.

Try it for free – how to earn money online

So, on the one hand, I want to promote our job with tourism, and on the other hand the desire to earn some money online has brought me here to the Wealthy Affiliate.

Start making money on internet. Click here and try it for free
Try it for free

And how is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) different from “similar” sites. Because WA only promises Blood Sweat and Tears. But here you will have extremely strong support from over 200,000 members and lot of experts. Also you will have the best tools available for developing your web site. You will pass through the training process and become smarter every day while developing your web site at the same time.

Here you will really have a chance to learn how to make money online. You can start completely free and see what’s going on here. If you do not like it, you may have lost some time. If you see that there is something in it, you can continue with more or less money and give yourself a chance to achieve something.

–>Is it problem to click here?<–

My whole life I worked mostly on management jobs, I used a lot of MS Office, Word and Excel, but I never created a website. But as you can see I’ve made a website that contains beautiful pictures and useful text. And I know how to edit, supplement, modify, publish it on the Internet. I am pretty ready to start making money on internet. Why you not give yourself a chance?

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  1. You live in such a beautiful place! It has been my dream to make money online. I am currently with Wealthy Affiliate and I agree with you that it’s a great wayto make money. It does require hard work and not just one click. You do provide some great reasons on whysomeone should go with WA. I also think you could add more details about the services WA provides. Thanks for the article.

  2. No-risk matched betting. Hands down the quickest way to make a lot of money (well, without breaking the law). …Online surveys. …Paid for searching the web. …Online market trading. …Start your own website. …Review websites & apps for cash. …The ‘Disney Vault’ secret. …’Get Paid To’ sites

    You can look up and research about this and it’s always helpful very much

    1. Sorry, I am not sure I understand you. You think that is possible to earn money with easy and no risk. On the Internet?

  3. So true, that money comes to those who work for it, not by pressing some ‘magic button’. Too many people think otherwise.

    I too have created a website because of W.A.’s excellent training, and just this month, after 16 months, it is starting to generate revenue.

    Was that a lot of work?? You bet. But I’m so proud of the site and energized whenever I come to work on it. It’s my own thing, with my own profits, and my own cool audience.

    Add to that that it will continue to grow my whole life long… and even AFTER, if kids take over… that’s WAY COOL!!!

    May your site thrive and become as incredibly motivating as mine has… and beyond!!

    1. Thank you. You said you need 16 months to generate some revenue. It’s mean a lot to me because sometimes I think that will never happen to me.

  4. Darko,

    You have a lovely website and a lovely location.  It is possible to make money on the internet from promoting your location as an AIRBNB, and through affiliate marketing.  

    Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to learn how to use affiliate marketing to make a sustainable income promoting products you use, as well as promoting your location.

    Good luck to you,


  5. Hi there, this your article is beyond making money online from wealthy affiliate, I believe sharing story about your life and even career is an inspiration for up coming youth like myself and thank God u have a supporting wife to help you in life. Wealthy affiliate remains the best platform to make money online in a legit way 

  6. Wow Darko that was an amazing story there. I can feel the love in the family. Happy for you to have kept your family till you are this old – quiet uncommon especially in Europe!This is a great informative and educative article especially for young ones. We don’t have to wait till we old before making all the money we need (Darko no insult intended). We can start our journey into the online business world through wealthy affiliate. Though it requires effort, time and seriousness to succeed with wealthy affiliate like any other online or offline business. I know this because I have been into this myself for some times now and I have not make millions but I see and believe the prospect! Good thing about wealthy affiliate is that you can do other things as it requires little time and capital!

  7. First of all, I must say that I am happy that you have finally made your first breakthrough online which is making your own website and finding your niche. I too have fallen in the hands of scammers with very exorbitant promises on the net. I have lost time and even money until I was referred to Wealthy Affiliate and now like you, I have my own website. Although I could make one from the scratch but I guess I rather modify mine on the siterubix for a start. Thanks for sharing your experience with us

  8. Thank you for sharing your story and experience at wealth affiliate and also for encouraging others to join 

    all of the things you said about wealthy affiliate are correct,i have been part of the program for sometimes now and I can say it has been great I just hope people will use this opportunity and join wealthy affiliate to start there own business 

  9. Thanks man I appreciate your kind gesture by sharing this precise article to motivate me. I am also trying to make some extra money to be okay. Rather than wasting my time and energy on just one job. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and just going through the training. I really hope to make extra income after opening my site. 

  10. Hi Darko! There are a couple of things I appreciate from your post. As you have stated, Internet is full of offers that say you can make piles of money just by joining a platform and practically doing nothing else. And as you have also stated, this is impossible. But I like your honest and also bold claim that there is a legit and effective way to generate income by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    I like the fact they don’t promise this type of “get rich quick” scheme so common online. They offer training and resources. And I see, by reading your website that you have already mastered the skils of setting up and managing a site. In other words, the training works. But still, can I test Wealthy Affiliate before I decide to join them?

  11. This is great advice! Very honest and practical.I really enjoyed this post and the challenging stories.Nice post!! these tips may help others are still contemplating on joining Wealth Affiliate. As procrastination maybe maybe detrimental. Am a testimony of Wealth Affiliate and is great! Out of all the affiliate platforms and other affiliate marketing programs I would have to agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best! The training they provide and walk you through is so simple and easy to follow. It truly is a you GET what you GIVE program that I enjoy and have always enjoyed the challenges thrown at me. Are there any suggestions or tips you have from switching from just blogging to monetizing your blogs?

    1. Unfortunately no advice about monetizing yet. All I’ve learned so far in WA is going towards patience and persistence. I’ll give myself a year to start making money.

  12. Hello, Darko Loncar, I was very touched when I saw your post. I was very surprised that you have retired and learned to make money online because I am also trying to make money online, and I am like you. They are all learning how to make money online from scratch. The WA you recommend is very good.

  13. Hi Darko Loncar,

    I have read your article fully and understood that this is a step by step guide for making money on the Internet which will be very useful for beginners who want to learn about how to earn a form on line and establish their website.  I believe that these resources are unfamiliar to many people yet. I work on an office computer but I do not have any website like you. After reading your article, I have decided to work on line that will help keep future free. I think a Wealthy Affiliate will be a good platform for me, so I’m going to start working as a premium member quickly. I am going to save this article in my bookmark list for later use. Thanks for sharing this helpful guideline.

  14. Good Evening Darko,Your article is really inspirational. As well as your zeal is commendable. Most of our retired people here (in India) do not earn any income. Anyway, I agree with your words that many interesting adds to earn online can be seen on the internet. It is difficult to understand what is appropriate for me. Although at the end I thought I could find the right platform. Now I’m a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Nevertheless, I am hesitant, because I can’t find any clear instructions for the different training being done. If you can help in this matter, I would be grateful to you. I wish Ana-Marija and your good health and longevity. Thanks for the nice article.RegardsRanao.

    1. Hi Ranao. Ty for nice wishes. I am not such an expert who can share advice over the Internet. I just know that I learn a lot outside of WA (for example I’ve started to use Yoast SEO which I recommend to you from all my heart). Very important are plugins so try to look for 10-20 most important plugins. Plugins really help. Are you people from India coming to Croatia?

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