King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – My dog Dante

And so was born my dog Dante, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, one of six brothers and sisters Here are information about his father and mother.

Brood D -11.11.2017.

Father: MILETREE CUMULUS Ch.J-SLO, HR, BIH, AUSTRIA, Ch-INT, SLO, HR, BIH, CW-HR, SLO, AUSTRIA, TOP SLO Cavalier 2015 & 2.TOP TOY group 2015, HM 0, PL 0/0, RD/PRA/HR/PHTVL/PHPV neg. ’17, EF/DE CCS gen.clear, SM clear

Mother: JCH-HR Forget-Me-Not Cherry AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE (Lilly) – Heart, Eyes, patellas – OK, DNA EF/DE CCS gen.clear

Father Miletree Cumulus

Mother Lilly

December 13, 2017, I celebrated my retirement and then I first saw Dante. He was a little older than a month and was there because I received him as a gift from my colleagues from work. When he came to his new home he was younger than two months and had 2.6 kilograms.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, image of Dante when he was 2 month old
Dante, first day in his new home

Breed Characteristics


FCI-Standard N° 136 / 12.01.2009 / GB
ORIGIN: Great Britain.
UTILIZATION: Companion and Toy.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Active, graceful and well balanced, with a gentle expression.
BEHAVIOR /TEMPERAMENT: Sporting, affectionate, absolutely fearless. Gay, friendly, non-aggressive; no tendency towards nervousness.
WEIGHT: 13 to 18 pounds (5.9-8.2kg)
LIFE SPAN: 9 to 15 years

Dante and his girl friend Bela (mean white) in play!

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a true companion dog – they love to be with people as much as possible and should not be left alone for long periods of time. Daily walks are a must, and they should be allowed to run and stretch their legs a few times per week.

They can happily live an apartment or condominium, as long as a commitment is made to their daily activity requirement. Because they are natural hunters, the Cavalier King Charles cannot be trusted in an open yard or off a leash. If they catch sight of a small animal, they will give chase and won’t come home no matter how desperately you yell after them. They have also been known to chase bikes and cars, which can be quite dangerous.

Dogs suffer from many of the same physical illnesses as humans, and they may even suffer from psychological problems. Each purebred breed has its own set of potential problems, so Cavaliers are no exception. But that does not mean that it will develop in every dog.

The most common problem is heart disease. Cavaliers are prone to mitral congestion disease that causes leakage of blood to the back and forces the heart to work harder to circulate the blood. Almost every Cavalier will develop heartburn after 10 years of age, and it may be insignificant. However, it can become very significant if it develops into a stroke of the mitral valve. After a 2-year-old dog’s age, a vet or a cardiologist should be told if the heart is healthy and can be run once a year.

Before Dante

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, dog Benji was ours before Dante
Dog Benji

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, cat Gego big friend of dog Benji
Cat Gego

We bought Benji in 2004. He came from Poland because at that time the Cavaliers were not so popular and there were no domestic breeders. His name in pedigree was Nubel. We wanted to buy a balanced dog, with whom there will be no problem to walk. Who will not fight with other dogs or attack people. And we really got it.

After long deliberations in the family, we decided to name him Benji. Benji had lived 11 years and a few months. And today we talk about him being a gentleman. He never argued, never growled, never angry. Last year he was seriously sick, with heart disease. He died at home, after midnight on January 9, 2016. And now I get tears to my eyes when I remember that day.

Then we said that we will never have a dog, because his death has brought indescribable sorrow. And so it would probably be that one of my colleagues did not realize that the dog would be a wonderful gift.

No, no I have not forgotten about this wonderful kitty. He appeared in summer 2005 in the yard of our house in Vela Stiniva bay. We never knew where he came from and why. He was a male cat about two months old with white brown coat. From the moment Benji saw the pussy he was no longer separated from him. Seems like it was love at first glance, but not the love of a lovers, but the love of a father and a son.

They lived in harmony until Benji’s death, giving us a lot of joy. Gego lived almost two years after Benji’s death and died three months before Dante came.

They are both cremated and rest in peace in our garden at Vela Stiniva bay. We will never forget them.

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