Vacation rentals in Vela Stiniva bay – Covid-19’s Season 2021

Vacation rentals in Vela Stiniva bay, what we expect from the 2021 season from the perspective of today’s situation in Croatia and the world. It’s the end of March and the situation seems to be the worst since the start of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Vaccination has been going on for some time, but it is not going at the planned speed.

The countries from which most guests come to Croatia are in big trouble

Germany to go into hard Easter lockdown as Covid-19 infections soar. The country’s public health authority on Tuesday reported 7,485 new infections and 250 deaths over a 24-hour period. The daily infection number is 2,000 cases higher than it was a week ago. More than 108 people in every 100,000 are now getting infected every week.

France and Poland have reintroduced partial lockdowns as both countries battle a sharp rise in Covid infections in recent weeks. Some 21 million people in 16 areas of France, including the capital Paris, are affected as the country fears a third wave. In Poland, non-essential shops, hotels, cultural and sporting facilities are now closed for three weeks. The country has the highest new daily rates of Covid cases since November.

The situation is similar in Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and England. These are all countries that represent the emitting market for Croatia. It is completely uncertain in which direction things will go and whether tourists will be able to travel outside their countries at all this summer.

And how is it in Croatia?

These days we have a high increase in newly infected, but in relation to the number of inhabitants, we are among the best in the EU. For my country, tourism is crucial and tourism earnings make up a significant share of gross domestic product. And that is why Croatia will do everything possible to have as successful a season as possible.

In preparation for the tourist season, Croatia takes systematic care of all segments in order to meet all safety and health conditions, and at the same time make it easier for tourists to come to Croatia as a desirable tourist destination.

Enabling foreign citizens to cross the state border more easily by presenting a negative PCR test or antigen tests approved in the European Union, a certificate of COVID 19 or a vaccination certificate is a new step towards creating all the necessary preconditions for Croatia to have a successful tourist season.

In addition to the announced decision, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in cooperation with regional tourist boards and the Croatian Institute of Public Health, is already considering a model that would allow tourists to test rapid antigen tests and PCR testing at as many points in tourist destinations.

Also, in order to encourage all tourist stakeholders and all other stakeholders in the travel chain in the Republic of Croatia to adhere to epidemiological measures, and tourists get all the information about safety protocols and the epidemiological situation in Croatia, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports launched the Safe stay in Croatia project. more than 10,000 stakeholders from the tourism sector have already joined.

What is Safe stay in Croatia

Safe stay

Safe stay in Croatia is a national designation of security protocols in tourism and hospitality that was initiated in 2021. It is awarded to stakeholders in the tourism sector by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

This designation allows visitors to easily identify destinations, accommodation providers, transport, tourist attractions and other facilities that have adopted global standards for health and hygiene. The prominent Safe stay in Croatia label informs visitors that a tourist facility is operating according to the current recommendations of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Croatian Institute of Public Health. By introducing this label, Croatia is putting visitor safety first.

Vacation rentals – Safe stay in our house in Vela Stiniva bay

Vacation rentals, our apartment

In our house you will be safe. We will do everything to make you feel that way.

  • Provide a Safety Kit (protective masks, gloves, disinfectant) that may or may not be charged. Hand it over to the guest upon arrival or place it inside the accommodation unit / facility in a visible place.
  • Regular disinfection of common areas, and pay special attention to equipment / places that are frequently touched. It is necessary to carry out regular disinfection of common areas, and pay special attention to equipment / places that are frequently touched. Disinfect with an alcohol-based disinfectant often, and always after each change of guests.
  • Cleaning of the accommodation unit / facility in agreement with the guests. It is recommended to clean the accommodation unit in agreement with the guests. Agree on the method and time of cleaning the accommodation unit (eg that clean towels are left immediately after the entrance door to the accommodation unit if detailed cleaning is not required or clean the accommodation unit when guests are outside)
  • Intensified washing and disinfection of bed linen and towels for guests. Special attention is paid to intensive washing at recommended temperatures and disinfection of bed linen and towels (and bathrobes) and it is placed in the room / bathroom immediately before the arrival of the guest with a label such as “Disinfected for you”. It needs to be defined a systematic approach to avoid cross-contamination, with only clean bedding being placed after the room has been cleaned and disinfected. Dirty laundry should be put in bags before being placed on the cleaning cart. Used bedding (bedding manuals in bathroom) must be kept in a closed container separate from the trolley with clean linen; dirty and clean bedding must always be separated and must not come into contact.

Vacation rentals – expectations

What will be this summer is completely uncertain. At this time in recent years, everything was already booked. Nothing yet this year.

There were some inquiries, but when we asked to confirm the reservation by paying 30% in advance there were no more answers. That is completely understandable. Most people do not know if they will be able to get out of their country, and in which direction the pandemic will develop further.

It is most likely that the holidays this year will be arranged in May and June and there will be a lot of tourists who will decide at the last minute.

In any case, we will be ready to host you and ensure you a safe holiday.

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