What The Guest Think – Opinion about the vacation in our house

Vela Stiniva on island Hvar, Croatia is fairly well-populated in mid-July 2019. Not as good as last year, but it is still far from the crisis. Our apartment is full of guests from Slovenia, people who are coming to our house for over 15 years. It is extremely important to know what the guest thinks, what he likes, what he misses. This is going to be a story about them.

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What the guest think Stiniva is pretty full

Who are these people?

The group has three couples and three children. The “leader” of the team is Peter, the gentleman in a little bit of middle age, but in full force. He is employed in Ljubljana, where he lives, as head of sales in a production company. His wife Natasa works in the same company as a commercialist, and Peter is her boss.

Here is also Mr. Štefan, well-kept by the fifty-year-old. Štefan works in Belgrade as general manager of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle dealer for Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. His wife Renata works as a pedagogue in an elementary school. Their two daughters are with them.

Veterinarian Beno and his wife, architect Vanda, live in Ljubljana. They are here with an 11-year-old son.

What guest think Sitting on front terrace
Sitting on the front terrace

The society was formed in the days when they lived in the same housing block. They no longer live at these addresses, but friendship has remained until today, for 22 years.

Obviously, it’s about good-standing families, which practically can afford to go wherever they want to vacation, but they still choose Vela Stiniva. I talk to Peter about it.

What our guest Peter think

“For the first time, I came to Vela Stina before a 16, 17 years when my children were very small. I listened to the recommendation of one of my friends and booked accommodation in Vela Stiniva at Ana-Marija’s place. At that time, she offered half board, and Ana-Marija and her mother turned out to be top cooks. We all liked it very much, and we became regular guests, “says Peter.

“What we liked? There is a unique atmosphere, but honestly, we most liked the cooking service. Not so much cooking, which was TOP of the TOP, but the breakfast atmosphere with French toast, eggs … That’s what kids especially liked. Second, here we feel at home, and we have a large space available. Although there is a lot of us, there is no crowd. There are large rooms, large beds. We have two terraces, on one we have breakfast, on the other lunch. It’s gone nowhere, “continues Peter.

“And above all else, peace. We’ve been in the past, on Krk, Pag, and elsewhere, and we have not found such peace everywhere. Only a big crowd. Then that family relationship that feels in the whole bay, kindness, and courtesy of people. Moreover, one more thing. Water. The water is crystal clear and ideal for refreshing. Also, the parking lot is luxurious. From 5 meters from the house, you unload things out of the car, which is excellent “- further list Peter…

However, something can still be improved

Peter complimented us, and I hope he will leave his comment to confirm the authenticity of my article. I ask him later, whether something is wrong, whether something is missing.

“We talked, and we think it would be good to put an awning on a large terrace. Also, summer kitchen should be slightly upgraded to make it more enjoyable to grill. Further, the fridge on the floor is too small, so we also use this one on the ground floor. We do not want to go shopping too often, and we need more space.”

I mostly got the answers I just expected. Vela Stiniva has a faithful audience that returns year after year. Interestingly, the most frequent guests are Slovenes, whose coming to Hvar is not that easy. However, they are attracted by great hospitality, clean sea, unique microclimate, but also language. Slovenes and Croats understand each other without a problem, regardless of high politics.

This was the opinion of the real person, who has been spending more than 15 years with us. Had he had bad experiences he would come once and never again. So come to Vela Stiniva and assure yourself of Peter’s words.

We are waiting for you with joy.

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